Astrology Readings with Blythe Davis

What is an Astrology Reading anyway?

An Astrology Reading is used to help predict or guide you based on your birth sign. Astrology Readings usually begin by looking at your birth chart - also called a natal chart—is like a map of where all the planets and certain celestial bodies were in their journey around the Sun at the exact moment you were born. An astrologer will use your birth chart to explain how planets influence your life, relationships, career and more. Readings can also be used to predict how the zodiac can affect your life in the future as well. 


Who is our Astrologer?

Overt.Space started hosting Astrology Readings with Blythe Davis in 2023. Blythe is an enthusiastic and curious student first. Blythe has been studying astrology alongside friends for the better half of a decade, and still looks forward to finding new discoveries in every chart she's trusted with.

Informational and emotional consent is huge priority to her so she works to help you be included in the process of exploring your own craft and happily will put in the labor in help us all arrive in a place of curiosity and understanding.



What types of readings can you get with Blythe?

Blythe has several reading offerings to choose from. Here is what's she's currently offering at Overt.Space in 2024. 

Synastry Reading

This reading takes two! Literally! This is a chart reading that offers the inside scoop on what you and someone special (platonic or romantic) have together that's written in the stars for ease and where you can grow together with refinement. I'll look at both of your moon placements (Sign and House) which rules how we process and move through our emotional landscape. Your Mercury placements which is how we communicate and witness ourselves and others.

We will peek at your Venus Placements, how we receive safety, love, and what feels like pleasure for you. Venus is all about how we can witness that labor and devotion are living on the same tree branch. We will dive into your Neptune placements to witness unconscious patterns or needs that we can shed a light on and bring some awareness to for you and yours!!!

This chart reading includes:

  • Two charts together and reading the relationships of your planets and houses
  • Time for questions/concerns
  • Fill in the blank work book that includes insights on your joined reading to honor your past, present and be intentional for future planning 

Pluto is a Planet!

Pluto is dancing around between Capricorn and Aquarius this year before it sits in Aquarius for 20 years on November 19th of 2024.What does the planet of transformation want us to wrap up in Capricorn so we can be ready to embrace the energy of Pluto in Aquarius? 

Pluto represents generational change and is associated with transformation. Wherever you have Pluto in your chart you can brace yourself for destruction, and whimsy like creation to follow. Phoenix energy here! As Pluto makes its last stretch in Capricorn for our lifetime and prepares to station for Aquarius, what are the lessons and destruction in your life that are leading into your possibilities? How can we scale the mountains and navigate the unknown of the ocean waves like the sea goat (Capricorn) and become a water barrier in the wind (Aquarius) holding information  & revolutionary thinking & feeling alike.

This chart reading includes:

  • 30 mins of a one on one conversation where we will look at your chart together and explore all the possibilities and opportunities!  
  • Notes and a fill in the blank opportunity worksheet for you and yours 

Mercury & Communication

In 2024 all of our mercury retrogrades will reside in teaching us through the lens of our fire in astrology signs. Retrogrades are a time of refinement, reflection, and revisiting unlearned lesson. While mercury moves through our feisty trio we will look at how to channel Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Working with the energy of our fire signs to help navigate unlearning and reflecting, in what could be considered a rather distablizing time ( Retrogrades). Mercury is the sign of communication and communication is how our phones work for us, our bodies tell us something is wrong and how we listen and speak. This reading is ideal for people who want to work with their communication in general and with fire energy/  

This chart reading includes:

  • 30 mins of a one-on-one conversation where we will look at your chart together and explore all the possibilities and opportunities!  
  • Notes and a fill in the blank opportunity worksheet for you and yours to fill out and learn from



All of the reading's offer with Blythe at Overt.Space include a write up of your reading, 30 minute session unless otherwise noted in descriptions, Q+A and processing time, 20% coupon to use at Overt.Space the day of your reading, and a cup of tea of your choice during your session.


So, what are you waiting for?!

Unlock the celestial secrets of your life with a variety of different astrology readings. Discover the unique cosmic blueprint that the universe has woven for you, as our skilled astrologer delves into the intricacies of your natal chart. Gain profound insights into your personality, relationships, career, and life's purpose. These personalized sessions will provide clarity and guidance, helping you navigate the cosmic currents that shape your destiny. Whether you're a seasoned astrology enthusiast or new to the world of cosmic alignment, these readings promise to enlighten, inspire, and empower. Embrace the wisdom of the stars and embark on a journey of self-discovery today!

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