Collection: Ukraine Benefit

On September of 2022, Overt Space Gallery + Gift helped organized a group exhibition to benefit Ukraine frontlines from the attack from Russia. Although, the event has ended, the war has not. We will be extending the availability of these prints by Ukrainian artists that sent images over to be printed right here in Madison, WI. All proceeds will be donated to Ukraine frontlines. 
About the Organizers
Ky Beskorovayny Co-creater of Kunsht Kyiv, Ukraine. Katherine Simdon Owner of Overt Space Stoughton, WI USA. Augie McGinnity-Wake Organizer  Washington, DC USA
In 2010, Ky Beskorovayny came to Cambridge, WI from his home country of Ukraine for a year of study abroad. After his year in Wisconsin, Ky went back home to Ukraine where started a popular science magazine (Kunsht), got married, and moved to Kyiv. When the war with Russia began, Ky got in touch with some of his former Cambridge classmates to help coordinate direct fundraising for military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Ky has worked with his old classmates(Augie McGinnity-Wake and Katherine Simdon), as well as other Ukrainian foreign exchange students(through Flex Fundraising), to fundraise for items including ambulances for the front line and scopes and helmets for Ukrainian defense forces.
There are various large foundations and military aid from governments worldwide, but there are also smaller, more specialized needs, which those organizations have a hard time satisfying quickly. Those needs, like night vision scopes, walkie-talkies, tourniquets, medical kits, and others, are precious because they save lives in real time. Even a small donation can make a difference. Link to donate directly to Flex Fundraising.